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Recently Watched: The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Ander Burbain
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Identity Suite: Visual Identity in Stationery.
Identity Suite captures the vanguard work in branding from across the globe. Here logos, letterhead, business cards and correspondence designs effectively capture the aesthetics of the products and entities they represent. The designers behind each of the 97 featured brands convey their clients’ corporate identity through stationery with deliberation and concision. An envelope becomes an attaché case, a stamp a signature. And in addition to the wide array of examples that comprise Identity Suite, the latter portion features in-depth case studies tracking seven companies’ successful ventures in brand extension through creative use of stationery. From Wanderlust, the Singapore design hotel, to S.J.C., creator of unique domestic art objects in Sweden, Identity Suite demonstrates how ephemeral concepts surrounding a brand can be harnessed and made concrete utilizing as unlikely a toolkit as the office supply closet.
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"The Poetry of Powder" shot by Julia Noni for T Magazine
Makeup by Chris Boals
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Awesome workspace.
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Poster marking the upload of a new project at Behance by Chad Wys.
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